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Dr. Samy Farag: Cairo Nights Vol. 1

Dr. Samy Farag presents Cairo Nights Vol. 1, fifteen classic, shaaby and pop songs recorded in Cairo. Performed by top…

209 sequin scarf with many rows

mirror sequins in 2 double rows and down, plus hanging bigger mirror sequins
Length about 145cm, decoration about 85cm, size…

OUTI: The Basics With Outi

A Beginners Guide to Belly Dance
-includes downloadable rhythm CD (with the choreography music)
-moves broken down in detal


Balanced, heavy metal (brass) sword, does not stay shiny very long. Made of 2 or more parts, can get broken.…

109 Curved beadad scarf

Beautifully fitting rounded scarf, most materials with patterns. Length about 180cm, decorations about 84cm…

Hossam Ramzy: Sabla Tolo 2 (drum solos)

01 Wana Be-Ied Annak 05:06
02 Harrira & Basboosa 03:15
03 My Brazilian Pearl 04:06
04 El Esma Wel Ma-Soom 04:09
05 Amar El Sahara 04:31
06 SWady Samba Ala El Malfuf 03:24
07 Halloween Sinbati 04:16
08 Oyoun El Fallaha 03:46
09 Ya…

SALE Mohamed El Hosseny: Accordeon Instructional DVD

This DVD is designed for all levels after the beginners' course. Hosseny gives suggestions for dancing to four short accordion…

Wash Ya Wash Vol 2

Produced by Raqia Hassan and Yousry Sharifin, Egyptian print
01 Hazar Fazar
02 Layaly El Shark
03 Rakset El Saharaa
04 Aney Ala El Balady
05 Raks El Badeye
06 Asmar…

Sadie: Sadie’s Signature Combinations

3 choreographies
Sadie is one of the most recognized and celebrated bellydancers in the world. Her precision, isolations and percussive…

Velvet or lycra belt with tulle

Stretch or lycra velvet + black "tutu"; sizes and decorations vary a lot…

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