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Mohammad Ali (Al Hakkani): 1002 Nächte

01 Raqset Rita 12:51 02 Sanderella II 13:22 03 Wahiba 06:45 04 Tahla 08:06 05 Solo Tabla 03:11…

Hossam Ramzy: Faddah

FADDAH ('Silver') is an album of brand new classical style Egyptian Dance compositions, created by Hossam Ramzy, the 'Sultan of…

Amera: Al Rakkasa we Al Tabbel

Al Ra'Kasa We Tabbal is a cd with amazing Drum Solos that Amera released in 2000. This CD has the…

Amera: Wahyatak Habibi

1 Raks El Amera (6:20) 2 Wahyatak Habibi (instrumental) (8:28) 3 Wahyatak Habibi (vocal) (8:28) 4 El leila Helwa (4:09) 5 Habibi Yaeni (5:09) 6 Shisha Song (6:06) 7 Eh el Hekaya (3:21) 8 Dalani…

Bag for training shoes

Cute bag for training shoes (too small for dance shoes), breathing material…

106 beaded scarf, triangle w. multicolor glass beads and tassels

Triangle scarf with multicolor glass bead crochet and hanging beads…

Sadie: Ultimate Bellydance with Sadie - Isolations, Layerin

Intermediate and advanced technique to take your dance skills to the next level with internationally celebrated instructor and performer Sadie.…

Homma Dol! - Music for Oriental Dance

Music produced in Cairo by Finnish dancers Riikka Lindberg and Hannele Lindgren 1. Rahala 6´07, estradi / 2. Bravo…

Diana Tarkhan presents: El Sultana Vol.1

El Sultana / Ayun el elb / En roh menik / Anadi alek …

Egyptian tabla drum for training

NOT IN STOCK not very heavy, quality ok but not solo instrument (normal medium size) Includes bag and extra skin BY ORDER,…

Metal coins ca 1/2kg

Loose metal coins (can contain nickel), in a bag several hudreds pieces depending on size and producer…

Beaded fringe, glass beads, 20cm high

Thick fringe of high quality glass beads, length ca 1m. You can order all kind of colors and models.…

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