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Straight dance stick

Dance stick with no hook, price for one stick. Shipping in Finland min. 9eur (up to 10 pieces) SOLD OUT, more…

Yasmina: Hayati

1. opening music "Hayati" 7:47 2. Zeina 5:40 3. Maoula Di, part one 8:32 4. Maoula Di, part two 5:42 5. Coctail Tacht: Ana…

"Henna" tunic, short sleeve

Sold out. My dream model!…

"Henna" tunic, sleeveless

Sold out. Own model! Easy to combine with tops and blouses.…

"Henna" tunic, long sleeve

Sold out. My own dream model for dance classes (or why not disco-oriental or fantasy performances made by special materials).…

Oriental Fantasy 14 "Raks Horacio"

01 Raks Horacio 07:12   02 El Hob Kollo (vocal) 06:48 03 El Hob (instrumental) 06:48 04 Original Ghawazy (A.T.S. music) 05:38 05 Tabla Solo…

110 beads and sequines

materials with various patterns…

Jillina and Issam Houshan: Poco Loco Percussion

In Poco Loco Percussion, master percussionist Issam Houshan and innovative choreographer Jillina have collaborated to create a compilation of Middle…

Shamadan candelabra, low

by ORDER, price can vary for 5 candels, adjustable head piece (norm. 69eur)…

Bassam Ayoub & Ibrahim Abu Hassan: Trommel Soli Vol.1

01 Kaukab 05:34
02 Narges 03:56
03 Leila 03:20
04 Fatafiet 04:00
05 Dardasche 04:10
06 Kayal 04:23
07 La La 05:04
08 Marrah 03:25
09 Amel 02:52
10 Ziena 04:18…

Outi: Negmet El Layali

Outi's latest CD offers a great selection of Egyptian music styles. As the title implies, Negmet El Layali (The Female…

The Bridge Project: Three Waves Under the Bridge CD

World music including choreo musics by Päivi Mielikäinen, more information and samples http://www.bridgeprojecttrio.com
1. Goodbye My Country 2. The Village…

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