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NOT IN STOCK, IMPORTED BY ORDER Great 2-part wings, price includes sticks and bag various colors and materials by order…

Fan Veil silk, 2pcs

SOILD OUT Silk; ( single fan veil 35eur), bamboo fan 30cm, total lengh 160-190cm Colors vary, can loose color when washed…

107 beaded scarf, rectangular w. hanging beads

almost all materials with patterns…

Leila presents: Tarab by Safaa Farid

1 Ben Aleya Hoboo-Negat 2 Wahashtini-Soad Mohamed 3 Ekdeb Aleyk-Warda 4 Kamel el Awsaf-Abdel Halim Hafez 5 Tisel Ley Aleya-Faiza Akmed 6 Al Helwa wa Mora-Abdel Ghani Saeed 7 Fi Yom Wa Leyla-Warda 8 Enta…

20,00€  10,00€
Sale expires 31.05.2022
Velvet or lycra belt with tulle

Stretch or lycra velvet + black "tutu"; sizes and decorations vary a lot…

Sadie: Sadie’s Signature Combinations

3 choreographies Sadie is one of the most recognized and celebrated bellydancers in the world. Her precision, isolations and percussive…

SALE Mohamed El Hosseny: Accordeon Instructional DVD

This DVD is designed for all levels after the beginners' course. Hosseny gives suggestions for dancing to four short accordion…

Hossam Ramzy: Sabla Tolo 2 (drum solos)

01 Wana Be-Ied Annak 05:06 02 Harrira & Basboosa 03:15 03 My Brazilian Pearl 04:06 04 El Esma Wel Ma-Soom 04:09 05 Amar El Sahara 04:31 06 SWady Samba Ala El Malfuf 03:24 07 Halloween Sinbati 04:16 08 Oyoun El Fallaha 03:46 09 Ya…

19,00€  9,50€
Sale expires 31.05.2022
109 Curved beadad scarf

Beautifully fitting rounded scarf, most materials with patterns. Length about 180cm, decorations about 84cm…


Balanced, heavy metal (brass) sword, does not stay shiny very long. Made of 2 or more parts, can get broken.…

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