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Bag for training shoes

Cute bag for training shoes (too small for dance shoes), breathing material…

Ibrahim Farrah: Rare Glimpse VHS tape

Dances from the Middle East: Ibrahim Farrah tells about the dances and shows rare glimpses
Fatima (1897) Coney Island -…

Straight dance stick

Dance stick with no hook, price for one stick. Shipping in Finland min. 9eur (up to 10 pieces) SOLD OUT, more…

Dance stick w. hook

Egyptian cane dancestick covered with shiny tape. Length ca 98cm
Please notice that a stick must be sent as a…

301 coin scarf, small triangle

Triangle scarf, 1 row of coins on the edges, length ca 140cm…

SALE Mohamed El Hosseny: Accordeon Instructional DVD

This DVD is designed for all levels after the beginners' course. Hosseny gives suggestions for dancing to four short accordion…

201 sequin scarf, narrow rectangular

about 160cm long narrow rectalgular…

302 coin scarf, small triangle w. plastic beads + coins

Triangle scarf with plastic beads and metal coins on the edges, length ca 150cm, decoration ca 85cm…

209 sequin scarf with many rows

mirror sequins in 2 double rows and down, plus hanging bigger mirror sequins
Length about 145cm, decoration about 85cm, size…

Metal coins ca 1/2kg

Loose metal coins (can contain nickel), in a bag several hudreds pieces depending on size and producer…

OUTI: The Basics With Outi

A Beginners Guide to Belly Dance
-includes downloadable rhythm CD (with the choreography music)
-moves broken down in detal

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