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Raw Roman presents the core elements of Turkish Roman (Gypsy) dance as a collaborative effort between the teacher, Reyhan Tuzsuz and her student, Delpha Reihs. By highlighting the importance of the social and musical traditions of this dance form, this DVD moves beyond dance instruction and aims to document modern Roman dance as seen in Istanbul today. Suitable for any level dancer.
- An introduction to Turkish Roman history and culture
~ A biography of Reyhan
~ An analysis of the instruments and rhythms
~ Full breakdown of the steps by Delpha
~ Demonstrations of each movement by Reyhan
~ Two transition chapters presenting short choreographed combinations
~ Five full length performances by Reyhan
~ Dynamic original soundtrack featuring Roman wedding musicians
~ Instruction done in mirror with multiple camera angles
Since 2001, Reyhan Tuzsuz has gained recognition as an important teacher and performer of Turkish Roman dance. From her modest upbringing in a Roman neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey, Reyhan has managed to attract the attention and admiration of an international audience of dance enthusiasts and professionals alike.
A professional fire dancer and belly dancer since 2002, Delpha Reihs devoted 4 years in Istanbul, Turkey to learning and promoting Turkish Roman dance. A student of Reyhan's since 2006, she has spent countless hours observing and analyzing Reyhan's unique style.
Based on the dance style of Reyhan Tuzsuz. Written by Delpha and David Reihs. Produced, directed and edited by David Reihs.
Running time: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes
Kieli: Englanti; Formaatti: (USA)

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