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FADDAH ('Silver') is an album of brand new classical style Egyptian Dance compositions, created by Hossam Ramzy, the 'Sultan of Swing'. Creating music for a dance routine is rather complex and requires vision and innovation. You have to be able to see the dancer in your mind while writing such music for her, counting her every step, caring about her every move and working out rhythmically, melodically and making sure it flows from mode to mode, from beat to beat with logically worked-out transitions.

1 Faddah (Silver) 8:14
2 Khatwet El Ghazaalah (The Graceful step of a Doe) 8:03
3 Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna (Hossam's Tabla Will Make Us Dance) 5:52
4 Sowar El Habibah (Pictures of My Beloved) 7:31
5 Mahasin Essodaf (The Most Pleasant Coincidences) 5:34
6 Wesh El Fagr (The Crack of Dawn) 3:16
7 Sabla Tolo 1 2:01
8 Sabla Tolo 2 2:41

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