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Outi's latest CD offers a great selection of Egyptian music styles. As the title implies, Negmet El Layali (The Female Star of the Night) is a celebration of women! Almost all the songs on this CD were originally performed by magnificent ladies. And of course dancers - the bright stars of the oriental dance - are striking women.

Negmet El Layali 5:52 A powerful opening number, especially composed for Outi by Mounir Abdel Aziz.
Garahetny Eyounu El Soda 5:18 This wonderful song, originally sung by Afaf Radi, has been especially arranged for dance.
Ya Dala Dallaa 5:25 This fun song, originally sung by Sabah. She has been singing this song in so many venues that it has become a classic.
Min Bahary Webinhebouh 4:13 A lively Alexandrian song, great with or without of a Milaya. It was originally sung by Hoda Sultan.
Rohi W Rohak 4:38 Warda's deeply emotional song will engage everyone.
Ya Wad Ya Teel 6:22 The beloved Suad Hosny sang this song in a movie "Khali Balak Min Zuzu". The lively melody and the up-beat tempo make this song great also for a Milaya.
Happy Birthday 3:36 This song is a must for any performing dancer. It's great for birthday parties because of the catching "Happy Birthday" chorus, being interesting and suitable for dancing at same time.
Balady Zaman 5:06 A balady like they used to be! This balady is composed by Mounir Abdel Aziz especially for Outi.
Tablat El Negma 2:37 This drum solo by Mounir Abdel Aziz is full of fire. It will be the perfect finale for any dance show.
Violin Taksim 0:58
Qanoon Taksim 0:58
Nay Taksim 1:11
These short taksims are eminently suitable to be sprinkled into your show to achieve a real Cairo feeling.
Finale Negmet El Layali 0:21 A short piece for dancer to thank the audience and exit from the stage.

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