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3 mini-koreografiaa: estradi, rumpusoolo ja baladi
Sadie is one of the most recognized and celebrated bellydancers in the world. Her precision, isolations and percussive movements have captivated audiences in the world bellydance and in the mainstream. By popular demand, Sadie now share her signature movements with you and puts them into exciting and unique mini-choreographies. You will learn bellydance technique and combinations for Oriental style, Beledi and Sadie’s specialty, Drum Solo. These tools will help you instantly add vocabulary and spice to your performance! Running Time: 104 Mins
1 Oriental: Elegant Egyptian-style choreography to Zay Al Hawa by the Mohamed Ali Ensemble
2 Drum Solo: Exciting, percussive movements to Solo Gamalat by Gamal Goma.
3 Beledi: Fun and flirtatious traditional bellydance combinations to Ya Bent Al Soultan by Gizira Band.
Kieli: Englanti; Formaatti: NTSC all zones; Kesto: 104 min

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