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"Henna" tunic, long sleeve

My own dream model for dance classes (or why not disco-oriental or fantasy performances made by special materials). Italian top…

"Henna" tunic, short sleeve

My dream model!…

"Henna" tunic, short sleeve, special materials

in the pic with long sleeve

Bag for training shoes

Cute bag for training shoes (too small for dance shoes), breathing material…

Coin arm/wrist band

Open ring with several rows of hanging beads, closing by pressing smaller, models vary; COINS CAN CONTAIN NICKEL…

Fan veil artificial materials, single, SALE

Please notice that artificial materials do not fly in the air like silk, and needs hard work to get it…

Finger cymbals with 1 hole

Brass cymbals with 1 hole for elastic band, diameter ca 4,8 cm, quality and sound vary. Price includes 4 pieces.…

Ibrahim Farrah: Rare Glimpse VHS tape

Dances from the Middle East: Ibrahim Farrah tells about the dances and shows rare glimpses
Fatima (1897) Coney Island -…

Result Pages: