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ALE Kami Liddle: Popped, Locked and Loaded - DVD

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In Popped, Locked and Loaded with Kami Liddle, sharpen up your isolations and get ready to shoot your dance to the next level! In this DVD, Kami starts off with an extensive technique breakdown of pops and locks in the shoulders, chest and pelvis – followed by a several lengthy drills to get the movements into your muscle memory. The unique DVD menu allows you to do the drill individually, or to loop all of the technique drills together for a nonstop 20-minute practice session. After working on technique, Kami teaches an inspiring and unique choreography. Not only will you get to exercise your new technique, but you will have the opportunity to absorb some of Kami’s amazing creativity and musicality. As an extra bonus, you will receive an extended preview of her workshop at Tribal Fest.
Kieli: Englanti; Format: (USA);

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